Cisco CCNP Enterprise is a new certification program – Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR).

With CCNP ENCORE training, you will learn the technologies that help you to build the core enterprise network. CCNP Enterprise training includes technologies like Dual Stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, security and of course, automation.

Now instead of 3 exams, you have to prepare for the CCNP Enterprise certification exam. Vivekananda IT Institute is providing the training for CCNP Enterprise certification in Vadodara. The first compulsory certification is 350-401 for Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0.

Below are the syllabus topics you need to learn for CCNP enterprise ENCORE (350-401) certification exam training in Vadodara:
  1. Forwarding
    • Layer 2 Packet Forwarding like Collision Domain, VLANs, Access ports, Trunk Ports
    • Layer 3 Packet Forwarding like Local Network Forwarding, Packet routing and IP addressing
    • Forwarding Architecture
    • Process Switching – CEF, CAM, Centralize Forwarding, Distributed Forwarding
  2. Layer
    • Spanning Tree Protocol, RSTP – Rapid Spanning-Tree
    • Advanced STP Tuning – Root Guard, BPDU Guard, STP Portfast, BPDU Filters
    • Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
    • VLAN Trunks and EtherChannel Bundles – LACP, PAGP, Load Balancing
  3. Routing
    • EIGRP – Configuration, Path metric Calculation, Failure Detection, Route Summarization
    • OSPF – Configuration, Default Route Advertisement, DR Placement, Network Types
    • Advanced OSPF – Link State Announcement (LSA), Discontiguous Network, OSPF Path Selection, Route Summarization, Route Filtering
    • OSPFv3 – Configuration, Summarization, Network Type
    • BGP – Configuration, Summarization, Multi-Protocol BGP
    • Multicast
    • Advance BGP – BGP Multihoming, Conditional Matching, Route Map, BGP Route Filtering and Manipulation, BGP Communities, Path Selection
    • Multicast – Multicast Addressing, IGMP, Multicast Group, PIM
  4. Services
    • QoS – Qualify of Services
    • IP Services – FHRP, NAT, NTP
  5. Overlay
    • Overlay Tunnels
    • GRE Tunnel, IPsec, LISP
  6. Wireless
    • Wireless Signals and Modulation
    • Wireless Infrastructure – WLAN Topologies, AP Pairing, Antennas Leveraging
    • Understanding Wireless Roaming and Location Services
    • Authenticating Wireless Clients – RADIUS, EAP, Open Authentication, Pre-shared Key
    • Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity – WLC, AP
  7. Architecture
    • Enterprise Network Architecture – LAN Design, Enterprise Network Architecture Options
    • Fabric Technologies – SD-Access, Physical Layer, Controller Layer, Management Layer, SD-WAN
    • Network Assurance – Network Diagnostic Tools, Debugging, NetFlow, SPAN, IP SLA, Cisco DNA Center
  8. Security
    • Secure Network Access Control – Next-Gen Endpoint Security, Network Access Control
    • Network Device Access Control and Infrastructure Security – Access Control List (ACL), Terminal Lines and Password Protection, AAA, TACACS+, RADIUS, Zone Based Firewall, Control Plane Policing, Device Hardening
  9. SDN
    • Virtualization – Server Virtualization, Network Function Virtualization,
    • Foundational Network Programmability Concepts – CLI, Application Program Interface (API), Data Model and Supporting Protocols, Cisco DevNet, GitHub, Basic Python
    • Introduction to Automation Tools – Embedded Event Manager, Agent-Based Automation Tools, Agentless Automation Tools


What are the Prerequisites of CCNP ENCOR Training in Vadodara, Gujarat:

  • Thorough Understanding of Fundamentals of Network
  • Fundamentals of LAN Networking
  • Python Scripting (To be used in Network Automation)