Network Automation Training in Vadodara

In today’s world where everybody is going towards automation, then we have to upgrade our network infrastructure as well. Network automation training institute in Vadodara is a well-defined process where we configure our network for managing, testing and smooth operation of physical and virtual devices. By automating our network, we can administer and monitor our network behavior automatically. This also helps to save time in a regular repetitive tasks.

We can implement this with the help of the Software-Defined Network (SDN) and also Hardware enabled solutions. 

Where can we implement Network Automation?

  1. Data Centers
  2. Service Providers
  3. Small and Big Enterprises
  4. Network Monitoring Services

Why we need Network Automation training?

The main reason to adapt to network automation training in Vadodara is to reduce human error, increase the efficiency of the network, improve accuracy, decrease troubleshooting time and also lowering down the operative expense.

This will help to reduce the IT costs incured by the network manager. This minimizes the investment in IT devices, space, and maintenance. More then 90% of current operation related to network management is performed manually. Network Automation training in Vadodara will increase the skills of an employee and benefits to the businesses to keep up with the world pace.

Vivekananda IT Institute provides the Network Automation Training classes in Vadodara. We cover below areas under this Network Automation training program:

Network Automation Training in Vadodara Contents:

1. Introduction:

  •     How to be a Network Engineer in a Programmable Age

2. Programming Fundamentals (Python Training Basic > Advanced):

  •     Data Formats: Understanding and using JSON, XML and YAML
  •     APIs 
  •     REST APIs: Understanding
  •     REST APIs: Making REST API Calls
  •     Python part1: Python Language and Script Basics
  •     Python part2: Working with Libraries and Virtual Environments
  •     Python part3: Useful Python Libraries for Network Engineers

3. Network Device APIs:

  •    YANG Data Models
  •    NETCONF
  •    Learn CRUD using RESTCONF
  •    NX-API

4. Network Controllers:

  •    Introduction Cisco DNA Center Platform APIs and Programmability
  •    SDN understanding the ACI Programmability 
  •    Network Control in the Cloud – Developing with Cisco Meraki
  •    Cisco DNA Center Platform APIs
  •    ACI Programmability

5. Application Hosting and the Network:

  •    Cloud to Fog
  •    Linux – Intro to Guest Shell
  •    Python at the Edge
  •    Package, Deploy and Run Applications in the Network with IOx

6. NetDevOps (Ansible Training):

  •    Configure Management and the Network
  •    Ansible part1: Get Started 
  •    Ansible part2: Using Ansible for Network Configuration
  •    Ansible part3: Network As Code

Network Automation training in Vadodara will help those who want to make a career in Development or Programming. Engineering students of Computer Engineer, Computer Science, Electronics and Communication students studying in the colleges in Vadodara.