Online and Offline i.e. classroom CCNA course training classes in Vadodara, Gujarat is conducted by Vivekananda IT Institute since 2012 in Gujarat. We provide 100% practical training of CCNA course training on Cisco devices in Vadodara comprising of Cisco ISR series router, XM series router, Layer 2 switch, Layer 3 switch, along with the latest cloud-based Cisco Routers, Switches, Firewall and Access Point of Cisco Meraki training, etc. Vivekananda IT Institute has the largest lab set up of Cisco Certification training in Vadodara.

From the past years, technologies have changed quite rapidly. World of automation like IoT, AI, ML is emerging as the new technology. Due to this, network management i.e. configuration, administration, operation, etc., is going to change from Command Line Interface (CLI) to Graphical User Interface (GUI). IT training classes for computer engineers or IT professionals in Vadodara is a must upgrade for the IT jobs in Gujarat. Jobs after online or offline Cisco CCNA course training is still a question by many IT engineering students, Computer Science students or the engineering college student in Vadodara.

Cisco introduced the new certification guideline to upgrade the network & security domain with the use of programming. The 9 tracks of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) like CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security, CCNA Design, CCNA Industrial, CCNA Service Provider, CCNA Cloud, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Data Center, CCNA Collaboration will collapse to form a new CCNA Certification Program.

The consolidated CCNA (200-301) course training program syllabus now includes the new topics of security and automation and programmability. It increases the scope of knowledge and improves the skill set of fundamentals of IT networking training through CCNA training in Vadodara in a single exam.

New CCNA (200-301) course training in Baroda, Gujarat will include the below topics:
  • Network fundamental
  • Network Access
  • IP Connectivity
  • IP Services
  • Security Fundamental
  • Automation and programmability
Part 1 – Theoretical topics of CCNA
1. Introduction to Network & Security
  • LAN WAN Fundaments
  • OSI and TCP/IP
  • Network Architecture (LAN, WAN, CLOUD Architecture)
  • Wireless Fundaments
2. IP Subnetting
  • Subnetting
  • IP addressing
Part 2 – Practical topics of CCNA (Including the technical Terminology)
A. ROUTING concepts of CCNA
1. IP Addressing (Static & DHCP)
  • Static Route (Concept, Implementing)
  • Default Route (Concept, Implementing)
  • OSPF (Concept, Implementing, Network Type and Neighbors)
  • DHCP (Concept, Implementing, DHCP-Snooping, ARP Inspection)
  • WAN protocol
2. Security
  • Basic Security (Console, Privilege, SSH, Telnet, Password Protection)
  • Access Control List (Standard and Extended)
  • Security Fundaments (Theory)
  • Port Security
1. Implementing Ethernet LAN
  • Basic switch Mgt. (DTP, VTP)
  • CLI interface
  • Configuring and verify switch interfaces
2. Implementing VLAN and STP
  • STP
  • VLAN (Router on Stick, Inter VLAN)
  • EtherChannel
3. IP Service & Miscellaneous
  • FHRP
  • NTP
  • QOS
4. IPv6 Routing
  • Fundaments
  • IPv6 addressing
  • Implementation and Routing (RIPng, EIGRPv6, OSPFv3)
5. Network Automation
  • Introduction on Controller-Based net
  • Cisco SDA
  • Understanding REST and JSON
  • Understanding Ansible, Puppet, Chef

There are no prerequisites required for Cisco CCNA Training in Vadodara. The online training provided by Vivekananda IT Institute of CCNA will upgrade an individual with understanding of IP Addressing, Administration of Cisco Solutions and network fundamentals. It is appreciated to have a basic networking knowledge though.