We all know that IT technologies are booming leaps and bounds globally. This advancement also happened in IT Networking. Network infrastructure development casts a new way towards an automation i.e. Network Automation.

Cisco, with its continuous development, defined a new technology by combining Network and Programming. It is DevNet. As we know that forwarding progress has always been a part of IT as a career and existing engineers need to upgrade themselves accordingly.

Cisco introduced Next Level Certification on 24th February 2020. In this certification, they come up with a few new certifications i.e. DevNet Certification. These certifications will focus on the engineers who wanted to grow or are working in application development. Now they can do the same with Network.

Currently, the majority of the network management is carried out in the two conventional methods i.e. CLI (Command Line Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface). With network automation, we can automate the whole process of network management using APIs. In DevNet certification, you will learn how to compose the application for networking devices like switches, routers or firewalls and also for DataCenters, Enterprise Infrastructure, WAN, etc.

Cisco Devnet certification training is equipped with learning programming languages like Python, YAML, etc. and networking concepts like IP addressing, commands, interfaces, etc. These skills will be incorporated on the Cisco platforms and infrastructure.

Cisco DevNet certification has three levels like other certification i.e. Associate, Professional and Expert and also Specialist. A programmer or developer can now have an opportunity to get a Globally recognized certificate in programming and that too one of the respected in the whole world.

The exam consists of Multi-choice questions, multiple answers, single answers pattern, and Drag-drop questions. Just keep in mind, though the certification is new, the DevNet exam is not that easy as you know about any other Cisco Certification Exam. Refer to the course tab of the Vivekananda IT Institute for the syllabus of DevNet.

What precisely one can learn in Cisco DevNet training in Vadodara?

Cisco has included various concepts of systems, networks, and programming under this certification trainings. Few are listed below:

  1. Cisco Platforms
  2. Software Development and Design
  3. Cloud Concepts
  4. Server Concepts
  5. Python Programming
  6. Concepts of APIs
  7. Programming tools and its integration

What are job opportunities post Cisco Devnet Training in Gujarat?

After going through the content above, you will have a question about the job opportunities post these Cisco Trainings. But we want to make a point here before going ahead. These will be the new breed of engineers going in demand in the coming days and skills will be given priority over experience. Few job types we will list below:

  1. Junior Developer/Developer
  2. Test Development Engineer
  3. Junior Software Engineer
  4. Junior Application Developer
  5. Junior Automation Engineer/Automation Engineer
  6. Junior Cloud Developer
  7. Junior DevOps Engineer
  8. Jr/Entry-level DevOps Engineer
  9. Test Development Engineer
  10. Automation Engineer

These are a few of them but going ahead with the knowledge and skills, you will get more opportunities after initial days of experience.

How to get the Cisco DevNet certification training and exam?

Vivekananda IT Institute is one of the first few institutes in India having DevNet certified trainer and first in Gujarat. VIT is equipped with all the Cisco devices needed for this training. Being the Network & Security training provider, we have in-depth knowledge about the Cisco Networking concepts and certified trainer to impart quality training.

To get the DevNet Certification, you have to appear for the DevNet associate exam for the beginner IT engineers. The exam code is 200-901 and is of 2 hours. You will get DevNet Associate – Developer Certification after passing the exam.

For more details about the Cisco Certifications and trainings, contact us or drop a mail at ankit@vitinstitute.com