MPLS, also known as Multiprotocol Label Switching, is a protocol for efficient network traffic flow that happens between two or more locations. But within some time came SD-WAN also called as software-defined wide-area networking, along with SDN to provide the benefits of networking that was more hard-ware based. MPLS is a way to ensure reliable […]

Computer Science is booming with opportunities post lockdown. People have finally realized the importance of technology and the internet. It and computer science are the two most emerging career options that students are opting for. But when it comes to high paying jobs, your degree isn’t just enough. Employers often want candidates who have various […]

Vivekananda IT Institute is located in Vadodara, a cultural city of Gujarat, India. Vivekananda IT Institute is renowned to impart quality training to budding IT and computer engineers in the field of Network, Security, and Automation through their Cisco training facility in Vadodara. VIT always welcomes the IT enthusiast to visit their institute in Vadodara […]

Hi, I welcome you again to Vivekananda IT Institute. Today I am providing you DOs and DON’Ts about the online training. I know, we are suffering from COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world. The situation is getting worse for every individual daily. Somewhere at the back of the mind, we praying to get some solution […]

Difference between new ccna and old ccna

We know that many IT professionals or enthusiasts might be thinking what is the difference between old CCNA and new CCNA, despite being in the presence for the past 2 months. Many IT engineers or computer engineers have already gone through the study topics of the new CCNA. We want to clear the understanding part […]

We all know that IT technologies are booming leaps and bounds globally. This advancement also happened in IT Networking. Network infrastructure development casts a new way towards an automation i.e. Network Automation. Cisco, with its continuous development, defined a new technology by combining Network and Programming. It is DevNet. As we know that forwarding progress […]